Jak. Natural Designs was built out of the love for creating, a desire for sustainability and a need for purposeful, beautiful products made with love and care in British Columbia. 

Originally an Alberta girl, I fell in love with the mountains at the early age of 4, often headed to the Rockies on family ski vacations. After high school, my small obsession with snowboarding led me to Canmore, AB where I lived for 4 years. Sun Peaks, BC was my next destination - drawn to the little mountain village nestled in a valley in the heart of British Columbia. After 3 years there, my quest for more adventurous riding took me 2.5 hours North, to the tiny town of Blue River, BC.

Though the stunning places I’ve been blessed to have lived are all different, they do have a few things in common ; mountains, gracious amounts of snowfall, alpenglow, a casual culture and like minded people…

But I’ve always been searching. And here is the first time where I feel like I’ve found it, the missing piece. The part that was lacking all along. The creation. That even though I have lived in some of the most gorgeous of places, being surrounded with so much natural beauty but the inability to recreate that artistry, created what felt like a void in my world. I’ve always been drawn to inventiveness but it was never something that I had tapped into any further then a high school art class. And somehow along the way, that creative spark got a little lost. Jak. Natural Designs is taking my passions, my skills learned and my enthusiasm and rolling it into one eclectic, lively, fulfilling purpose.

Follow along with me as I explore woodworking, fine art, the creative process and most importantly, the fun that comes along the way. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have so far.

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