Cottonwood Burl + Epoxy Grinder

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The beauty of Cottonwood Burl is it grows in such a unique, abstract way. And as gorgeous as it can be, it often makes it challenging to capture all of the burl wood in one piece. I love the idea of using epoxy to fill in the voids that would otherwise make this wood unusable and at the same time, it enhances the amount of character this timber has.

And hence, the 'Cottonwood Burl + Epoxy Mill' series was born.

Dimensions: 13 inches x 2.25 inches // 33 cm x 5.75 cm

Finished with Walrus Oil; an all-natural, non-toxic and plant-based oil.

CrushGrind is a Danish engineered ceramic grinding mechanism that can be used for pepper, salt or spices. The coarseness can be adjusted on the bottom and the mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years.