Spalted Birch Grinders | Set of 2

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Cut from the same piece of birch, these spalted grinders are a funky complementary pair. To tell the difference between salt and pepper, one grinder has a solid brass peg embedded at the top and the other grinder has a solid copper peg embedded. This set would be perfect for any kitchen enthusiast looking to bring the beauty of nature and its uniqueness into their home.

Dimensions for both: 9 inches x 3 inches (at widest) // 23 cm x 7.75 cm (at widest)

Finished with an all-natural, non-toxic and plant-based oil.

CrushGrind is a Danish engineered ceramic grinding mechanism that can be used for pepper, salt or spices. The coarseness can be adjusted on the bottom and the mechanism is guaranteed for 25 years.