Ash No. 2

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Typically when I'm using the method of Yakisugi, I keep a close eye on my pieces so as they don't burn or change shape too much. However, this time I let the flames run their course.

Made using salvaged birch from Blue River, BC.

To me, Ash No. 2 and it's larger sibling Ember No. 2, that are both turned from the same tree, are the definition of Wabisabi: perfectly imperfect, abstract shapes with organic edges and two different, individual yet parallel stories of origin.

Since it is finished with a food safe oil it could be used for fruit, however due to the texture and nature of this bowl, I would suggest using it for decor or display only.

Dimensions: 10.25 inches x 4 inches

This bowl is not watertight and is intended for decorative use. Measurements are approximate and it's finished with an all-natural, non-toxic and plant-based oil. 

Photo 8: Ash is on the right. Photo 9: Ash is on the left.