Style No. 1 ~ Vase on the Back

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It's important to me for these to be lifestyle shirts because so much of my woodworking is influenced by my way of life. 

I want these to be shirts that everyone will enjoy wearing, not just woodworkers or people in the maker space. hell, you don't even have to know what woodturning is (turns out that's quite common) but I still wanted them to represent Jak. Natural Designs in an authentic, meaningful way.

My love of mountain culture has been present for as long as I can remember and like a North Star, it has always been guiding my path. The mountains brought me to Blue River and Blue River gave me woodworking. 

#madeinthemountains came naturally, not only because all of my pieces are, but because I am too.

The specs:

~ Made in Canada: 70% Rayon from Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton. Ring spun combed for exceptional softness.

~ Pre-shrunk + Pre-washed.

~ Silk Screen printed by Cool Hand Print Co.

~ Graphic designs by Amanda Agassiz Design.

 ** Natural colour is ever so slightly see-through.

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