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Made from Birch Burl sustainably foraged in British Columbia, Canada, this bowl has been hand turned and shaped to enhance the natural features present in the wood; such as curly and iridescent grains,  a touch of spalting and a large bark inclusion that's been removed to create a stunning decorative void.

Burl wood is the result of the irregular growth of a tree's grain pattern, usually due to an illness, fungus or natural injury. The grain begins to grow twisted and interlocked, which develops into gorgeous curly and swirling grain patterns.

This statement piece would be incredible as a coffee table bowl, a fruit bowl or as a centrepiece. 

The title of this piece, Solara, [of Latin origin meaning 'Of The Sun'] is inspired by the light wood featured on the side of the bowl resembling the sunbeams (Crepuscular Rays) that appear during twilight, when the sun is just below the horizon. The name also finds meaning from the highly charactered wood bringing to mind the desert earth cracked open by the heat of the sun.

As part of the premium Birch Burl Collection, this distinctive bowl has a solid brass emblem on the bottom signifying a Jak. Natural Designs Original.

Dimensions: 9.75 x 3.75 inches

Finished with Walrus Oil, all-natural, food-safe and plant-based oil.