Sculpted Birch Budvase

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The intricacies of this multi-process piece are what make it so rewarding.

I began by turning a green (not dry) piece of salvaged birch on the lathe and let it air dry to completion. After the drying process, it had developed a couple of cracks and, embracing the concept of Wabisabi, I sought to embellish the cracks, not hide them away. 

Using an angle grinder to carve away soft dips, I returned the piece back to the lathe and sanded it to completion.

Measures 8in x 3.75in and is finished with an all-natural, plant-based oil.

This charactered bud vase has two holes, the top hole measures 1in across and 3in deep. There is a second hole that mesures 0.5in across that extends the total depth to 5 inches.

This vase is not watertight and intended for dried florals. Measurements are approximate.